Sustainability topics have been deeply woven in the fabric of all TEH members since the very beginning.
The unsustainable nature of human development and the exploitation of natural resources and human capital has led to the current overall crises, like COVID that has impacted us all like nothing before. Everybody has their unique perspective on sustainability, but if we want to recover and develop we need to find common ground, work together for solutions and move them to the top of every agenda.
So, how can we benefit from and shape current initiatives like the New European Bauhaus for this purpose? Is the European Green Deal inclusive of culture? The cultural sector, we believe, should have a leadership role in this recovery. In order to build this momentum we want to start a sustainability hub to launch a movement full of expertise, creativity and courage, moving towards a brighter future. It is all about building trust in arts and culture, as an accelerator of sustainable change.
Therefore we invite you to attend short introductions about past efforts and actual projects, as well as an open round to discuss how to go on together.