Trust – everyone wants it. But very few have it. Why? Human beings are incredibly smart at detecting even the slightest flaw in the way someone speaks. But most people are so concerned about WHAT they are saying they never pay attention to how they SHOW UP for others. Almost all leadership and communications training are about what to say and how to say it. Very little training deals with how you “show up” for others. As a result, most leaders wind up saying the “right” things and making logical arguments, but in the end are still viewed as ordinary, as unremarkable, as someone that doesn’t really stand out. These leaders might even be seen as smart, or driven, or compassionate, or like-minded, but still not held as someone who is profoundly trustworthy. Those that choose to follow them, often base their decision on the fact that they are “better than the alternative” or “think like me” – not because of a deep sense of trust. What if it were possible for you to show up in such a way that your trustworthiness was unmistakable. What if it were possible to create immense trust in seconds and minutes with complete strangers? This is what this talk will explore and even make possible.

Speaker: Vik Maraj (President at Unstoppable Conversations, Business Culture Transformation, Executive Performance)