Let’s find out who will become a new member of Trans Europe Halles!

Vik Maraj coaches leaders around the world to produce breakthrough results. His unique ability to hear what’s really at the heart of their issues provides leaders with an unexpected clarity and confidence in resolving even the most challenging problems. Apparently, complex issues become dead simple. Remarkably, leaders accomplish much more while also experiencing a significant elevation in their level of satisfaction and quality of life.

Speaker: Vik Maraj (President at Unstoppable Conversations, Business Culture Transformation, Executive Performance)

Welcome to TEH CAMP MEETING 92! You will hear about this year’s main topic – Trust, from Šymon Kliman, co-founder of Nová Cvernovka, who is also responsible for this year’s conference program. It will be followed up by a speech by our new Managing Director Tiffany Fukuma, together with a few words from Irena Boljuncic from TEH Executive Committee. And at last, Paula Poštolková, program director of Nová Cvernovka will give you all the practical information and hints about the Camp Meeting in NC, so you could feel like home here.

Speakers: Šymon Kliman (co-founder of Nová Cvernovka), Tiffany Fukuma (Managing Director TEH), Irena Boljuncic (TEH), Paula Poštolková (Nová Cvernovka)

TEH is run in a decentralised way; the member centres participate in the decision-making of the network during the network meetings. Each centre has one vote regardless of its size or economic status. The Executive Committee, selected biannually, is the governing and policy making body of the network. New members of the Executive Committee will be selected at this meeting.

Group discussion with the members and the Managing Director.
This session is only for TEH delegates!

How a crew of inexperienced guys needed to gain trust of the community, politicians, banks, neighbors… Or as one smart person said: it’s a story of a unicorn that rides a bike and has no idea how the engine works.

Speakers: Branislav Čavoj & Boris Meluš (Co-founders of Nová Cvernovka)