Seven years ago, 13 music venues from all over Europe came together to launch an initiative that would allow them to bring more European diversity to their stages and audiences. Fast- forward to today and Liveurope has become a true success story gathering 21internationally acclaimed venues. Thanks to support from Creative Europe, the member venues have been booking on average 63%* more emerging non-national European artists than before the launch of the platform (*pre-Covid). This means nearly 3,000 artists got the opportunity to tour beyond their national borders and play on some of Europe’s most iconic stages.
One of the main drivers of success of Liveurope is the tight-knit network of like-minded venues pursuing shared ambitions. Join this session to learn about the ingenious working model of the platform and discover its ambitions for the future.

Speaker: Fernando Bittencourt Hersan (Liveurope – the live music platform for new European talent)

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is (or should be) a key topic for everyone involved in arts and culture. We will take a deep dive into how ticketing can be used to achieve this.

Speaker: Stephen Rimmer (Founder and CEO Tickets for Good)