An unique opportunity for Anténa Network centers to meet with representatives from international cultural Institutes and embassies that are based in Bratislava. They recently formed a great network of their own, called EUNIC. So network meeting a network within a TEH network a.k.a Ultimate Networking! The Speed meeting will end with a small reception in a beautiful setting of the Ateliér Svetlik.

(Invitation only)

TEH EastHub is a subnetwork of cultural centres and organisations coming from the Central and Eastern European region. Session meeting will follow up the previous meetings with the aim to keep in touch with all the members; to learn from other’s experience on surviving during the covid crisis; to discuss further steps to build communication and collaboration together; to choose hub’s next working themes and to explore possible funding options

Networking doesn’t have to be just an empty word. Let’s have a party break together with FVLCRVM Live, Peal and God and Eve! 

Fvlcrvm alias Pišta Kráľovič is a Slovak producer, composer, instrumentalist, singer and DJ. His music is characterized by distinctive beats and organic melodies, inspired by the Japanese electronic scene or the U.S.A. and styles like grime, future beats or footwork.

Peal, one of the best DJs on the Bratislava underground scene, plays techno – experimentally, even with a touch of EBM, or house. His sets are playful, non-linear and striking.

God & Eve is a genre-diverse music project with elements of art pop, jazz or psychedelia. Live musical instruments complemented by electronics and rich vocals.

For those who do not feel like morning exercise or grass moving – you can start the day with Disco Dance and Music! And not just that – Nová Cvernovka founders Braňo, Boris & Šymon will serve you fresh pancakes. Can you imagine a better start of the day?

This is a closed session for the Spaces of Transformation in Arts Education (SPOTing) consortium. SPOTing is led by TEH and co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. The project consists of a consortium with 8 TEH members from Sweden, Italy, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Slovakia, France and Austria + TEH. Many of TEH’s members conduct cultural educational activities of various kinds, and the purpose of the project is to stimulate professional development and knowledge transfer between the cultural educators. The goal is to strengthen the participating of cultural educators in their profession and to critically reflect on methods and working methods for developing and strengthening cultural pedagogy as a field internationally. The project consists of annual seminars and test beds that are carried out at each cultural centre. A researcher will follow the project and the results will be presented in the form of case studies.

Don’t worry, you won’t be hungry with us. Our local bistro Dvanásť Duší, whose team cooks special delicacies from local ingredients, will take care of everything!
Drinks will be provided by Skrytý bar and sweet doping by Giraffe Bakery.

Don’t worry, you won’t be hungry with us. Our local bistro Dvanásť Duší, whose team cooks special delicacies from local ingredients, will take care of everything!
Drinks will be provided by Skrytý bar and sweet doping by Giraffe Bakery.

Our community sauna will provide you with pleasant relaxation throughout the conference day. In the Finnish sauna, you can completely relax and cool off in the water bath. This project was created as part of the festival: White Night – “Tropical Night” – and its transparency responds to openness.Don’t forget to bring a gentle dose of exhibitionism and a towel!

Walk-in workshop for everyone who wants to personalize their TEH conference bag. We got the tools, materials and experience. You know what it takes to make your bag fit your needs and meet your deepest desires. You can also come by for any repair: together we fix lost buttons, torn t-shirts, broken hearts. Reclaim your trust in your broken parts.

Pottery workshop led by Nikola Čemanová can be a combination of clay work techniques, one-time meditation, craft therapy, a romantic date (for couples), rehabilitation of heart fractures or a gift for your mother.
During the workshop, she will guide you through the mysteries of this archaic mass, guiding you through the basics of spinning on a potter’s wheel and / or hand modeling.In the studio there is a potter’s wheel, basic tools for working with ceramics, modeling materials and kiln firing.

Trust – everyone wants it. But very few have it. Why? Human beings are incredibly smart at detecting even the slightest flaw in the way someone speaks. But most people are so concerned about WHAT they are saying they never pay attention to how they SHOW UP for others. Almost all leadership and communications training are about what to say and how to say it. Very little training deals with how you “show up” for others. As a result, most leaders wind up saying the “right” things and making logical arguments, but in the end are still viewed as ordinary, as unremarkable, as someone that doesn’t really stand out. These leaders might even be seen as smart, or driven, or compassionate, or like-minded, but still not held as someone who is profoundly trustworthy. Those that choose to follow them, often base their decision on the fact that they are “better than the alternative” or “think like me” – not because of a deep sense of trust. What if it were possible for you to show up in such a way that your trustworthiness was unmistakable. What if it were possible to create immense trust in seconds and minutes with complete strangers? This is what this talk will explore and even make possible.

Speaker: Vik Maraj (President at Unstoppable Conversations, Business Culture Transformation, Executive Performance)

Antena network is a national network of Slovak independent culture centres. At the moment it has 31 member organisations. 
Antena has functioned since 2009 and is still growing. We will introduce its history and present work. Come and talk to us if you are interested in networking, national or international. We are happy to share our know-how but also hear about your ideas and experience regarding culture-organisations networking.

Speakers: Beáta Seberíniová (Anténa network Co-ordinator), Michal Klembara (director at Malý Berlín, chairman of Anténa network), Zuzana Psotková (actor, performer, managing director at Tabačka Kulturfabrik)