In Nová Cvernovka we have a strong tradition for community work. Basically this whole place wouldn’t exist without it. And as it goes with cultural and creative centers – it’s never finished! That’s why we kindly invite you to help us and be part of our Community Squad! We will work together in the park, garden and other premises. We have work tools and gloves ready for you! As a reward we will enjoy  sauna and special hot pot meal together and get ready for the MEGAŽÚR #2 in the bar.

TEH EastHub is a subnetwork of cultural centres and organisations coming from the Central and Eastern European region. Session will discuss possibilities to develop project with topic of cultural heritage within the EastHub.

Speakers: Mykhailo Glubokyi (development director of IZOLYATSIA), Michal Klembara (director at Malý Berlín, chairman of Anténa network)

TEH Camp Meeting Bratislava simply rules! Let’s discover the best of our DJ’s talents –  based and still settled in Nova Cvernovka.

Blame Your Genes combines genres such as house, electropop or breakbeat and his sets and live shows bring the dance floor to the boil.

MtotheG is the founder of ajlavmjuzik, publisher, producer, promoter and collector of vinyls, at the same time a big fan of J Dill and as a DJ / selector he plays music mostly from vinyl records.

Italo Mario Italo – Italo disco at its best, Mario is the guy you want to be around when things go wild.

Matwe is a multi-genre DJ from Slovakia with a special passion for industrial techno, EBM and dark electro.

How can we deliver TEH’s valuable work in a sustainable way?  In this session we will jointly start forming the concept of “slow networking”. We will build on the ideas of slow art and slow food, but adapt it to the networking context and shape it in our own way. At the end of the session we will have formulated the basic ideas and content of the concept in writing as well as visualised.

Speaker: Hanna Olsson (Project Manager at TEH coordination office)

Our community sauna will provide you with pleasant relaxation throughout the conference day. In the Finnish sauna, you can completely relax and cool off in the water bath. This project was created as part of the festival: White Night – “Tropical Night” – and its transparency responds to openness.
Don’t forget to bring a gentle dose of exhibitionism and a towel!

TEH is run in a decentralised way; the member centres participate in the decision-making of the network during the network meetings. Each centre has one vote regardless of its size or economic status. The Executive Committee, selected biannually, is the governing and policy making body of the network. New members of the Executive Committee will be selected at this meeting.

Group discussion with the members and the Managing Director.
This session is only for TEH delegates!

Don’t worry, you won’t be hungry with us. Our local bistro Dvanásť Duší, whose team cooks special delicacies from local ingredients, will take care of everything!
Drinks will be provided by Skrytý bar and sweet doping by Giraffe Bakery.

Questions of Trust are an intimate situation facilitated by two members of the Studio ALTA team. Founder and artistic director Lucia Kašiarová and curator Petr Dlouhý. The content of the meeting is to look for individual levels in which trust manifests, develops, gives birth to, anchors and above all an awareness of the horizons of our imagination. Where can our trust go, what are our abilities of trust towards others, but also towards ourselves?
Questions of Trust arise on the ground plan of a somatic practice emphasizing sensitivity, receptivity and care, and the tarot practice of imagination and questioning.

Speakers:  Lucia Kašiarová (Artistic director at Studio ALTA),  Petr Dlouhý (Curator at Studio ALTA)

After a brief introduction to composting, we will focus exclusively on hot compost on site with our four-chamber simple composting system, which works on a manual drive. Using a specific example, we will explain exactly what such composting is all about, how we can achieve up to 70 degrees Celsius, everything we can spoil, how dangerous it can be and especially how important it is for our existence.
On one of the composts, we will test what it is like to work with and look at what is going on in it. Finally, we will briefly introduce our project for an automatic composter, which we are developing.

Is organizing a festival without waste possible? The popular street market and festival Dobry trh (Good Market) made radical changes in their waste management in 2017 and since has taught more than hundred organizations in Slovakia what they have learned. This workshop is for anyone who is interested in reducing their waste production on events in a fun, and most important, effective way.
(The workshop is a follow up from the lecture: Your festival without waste: How we did it – but attending the lecture is not required for joining the workshop.)

Speakers: Illah van Oijen, Zuzana Macurová, Jana Vašáková

Cultural events and organizations are typically seen as luxury or entertainment requiring state or private sponsorship with little accountability. Applying methods that measure and explain the impact of culture on local and national economies can radically reframe this image. Seen from this perspective, culture is an enabler and multiplier contributing to regional economies as much as to ecosystems of production and innovation. The presentation by an architect and urbanist Samu Szemerey, will discuss measuring the impact of cultural events and organizations, and provide some case studies of using cultural programming for achieving economic and development goals.