Seven years ago, 13 music venues from all over Europe came together to launch an initiative that would allow them to bring more European diversity to their stages and audiences. Fast- forward to today and Liveurope has become a true success story gathering 21internationally acclaimed venues. Thanks to support from Creative Europe, the member venues have been booking on average 63%* more emerging non-national European artists than before the launch of the platform (*pre-Covid). This means nearly 3,000 artists got the opportunity to tour beyond their national borders and play on some of Europe’s most iconic stages.
One of the main drivers of success of Liveurope is the tight-knit network of like-minded venues pursuing shared ambitions. Join this session to learn about the ingenious working model of the platform and discover its ambitions for the future.

Speaker: Fernando Bittencourt Hersan (Liveurope – the live music platform for new European talent)

In Nová Cvernovka we have a strong tradition for community work. Basically this whole place wouldn’t exist without it. And as it goes with cultural and creative centers – it’s never finished! That’s why we kindly invite you to help us and be part of our Community Squad! We will work together in the park, garden and other premises. We have work tools and gloves ready for you! As a reward we will enjoy  sauna and special hot pot meal together and get ready for the MEGAŽÚR #2 in the bar.

An unique opportunity for Anténa Network centers to meet with representatives from international cultural Institutes and embassies that are based in Bratislava. They recently formed a great network of their own, called EUNIC. So network meeting a network within a TEH network a.k.a Ultimate Networking! The Speed meeting will end with a small reception in a beautiful setting of the Ateliér Svetlik.

(Invitation only)

TEH EastHub is a subnetwork of cultural centres and organisations coming from the Central and Eastern European region. Session will discuss possibilities to develop project with topic of cultural heritage within the EastHub.

Speakers: Mykhailo Glubokyi (development director of IZOLYATSIA), Michal Klembara (director at Malý Berlín, chairman of Anténa network)

How can we deliver TEH’s valuable work in a sustainable way?  In this session we will jointly start forming the concept of “slow networking”. We will build on the ideas of slow art and slow food, but adapt it to the networking context and shape it in our own way. At the end of the session we will have formulated the basic ideas and content of the concept in writing as well as visualised.

Speaker: Hanna Olsson (Project Manager at TEH coordination office)

Trust – everyone wants it. But very few have it. Why? Human beings are incredibly smart at detecting even the slightest flaw in the way someone speaks. But most people are so concerned about WHAT they are saying they never pay attention to how they SHOW UP for others. Almost all leadership and communications training are about what to say and how to say it. Very little training deals with how you “show up” for others. As a result, most leaders wind up saying the “right” things and making logical arguments, but in the end are still viewed as ordinary, as unremarkable, as someone that doesn’t really stand out. These leaders might even be seen as smart, or driven, or compassionate, or like-minded, but still not held as someone who is profoundly trustworthy. Those that choose to follow them, often base their decision on the fact that they are “better than the alternative” or “think like me” – not because of a deep sense of trust. What if it were possible for you to show up in such a way that your trustworthiness was unmistakable. What if it were possible to create immense trust in seconds and minutes with complete strangers? This is what this talk will explore and even make possible.

Speaker: Vik Maraj (President at Unstoppable Conversations, Business Culture Transformation, Executive Performance)

Antena network is a national network of Slovak independent culture centres. At the moment it has 31 member organisations. 
Antena has functioned since 2009 and is still growing. We will introduce its history and present work. Come and talk to us if you are interested in networking, national or international. We are happy to share our know-how but also hear about your ideas and experience regarding culture-organisations networking.

Speakers: Beáta Seberíniová (Anténa network Co-ordinator), Michal Klembara (director at Malý Berlín, chairman of Anténa network), Zuzana Psotková (actor, performer, managing director at Tabačka Kulturfabrik)

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is (or should be) a key topic for everyone involved in arts and culture. We will take a deep dive into how ticketing can be used to achieve this.

Speaker: Stephen Rimmer (Founder and CEO Tickets for Good)

Political situation in Belarus is getting more severe every day. International cultural organizations are banished from the country, while independent cultural actors are being repressed, unlawfully imprisoned, humiliated, left without their venues. In such a situation, Trans Europe Halles cannot stand aside. We are inviting you to map ways and tools we can use to support Belarusian artists and cultural workers in exile and those who are still working in their country. Let’s think of what we can do together and show the best spirit of the Trans Europe Halles network in reacting to today’s problems.

This workshop is conceived and designed as a space for personal and group research on the topic of our own fears that prevent us from believing first of all in our potentials and just then in the intentions of the people around us. Through a series of dramatic exercises, games and improvisations, we will spontaneously and easily enter a zone outside of what is comfortable and safe and step into the field of the unknown, the other and the different. We will explore ways and strategies to develop trust in others. We will also try to discover the core of our vulnerability and understand how to remain open to it without fear, believing that we are capable of surviving in a good spirit. The workshop will contain a series of exercises that will include work on personal material, cooperation in pairs and groups, expression through movement, sound, speech, emotions. 
Be sure to come in a comfortable wardrobe.

Speaker: Aleksandra Jelić

An interactive Event from Dana Caspersen & MichaelDouglas Kollektiv

Field of action where choreography and conflict resolution meet. In this interactive event, there is no performance and no spectators, instead simple actions such as walking, sitting and talking become tools for reflection and interaction as the participants consider: What is our role in the creation or unbuilding of systems of polarization?

Speakers: MichaelDouglas Kollektiv 

The project is supported by: NPN (National performance netz),  Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien, Goethe institute Slovakia and MichaelDouglas Kollektiv.