Seven years ago, 13 music venues from all over Europe came together to launch an initiative that would allow them to bring more European diversity to their stages and audiences. Fast- forward to today and Liveurope has become a true success story gathering 21internationally acclaimed venues. Thanks to support from Creative Europe, the member venues have been booking on average 63%* more emerging non-national European artists than before the launch of the platform (*pre-Covid). This means nearly 3,000 artists got the opportunity to tour beyond their national borders and play on some of Europe’s most iconic stages.
One of the main drivers of success of Liveurope is the tight-knit network of like-minded venues pursuing shared ambitions. Join this session to learn about the ingenious working model of the platform and discover its ambitions for the future.

Speaker: Fernando Bittencourt Hersan (Liveurope – the live music platform for new European talent)

Vik Maraj coaches leaders around the world to produce breakthrough results. His unique ability to hear what’s really at the heart of their issues provides leaders with an unexpected clarity and confidence in resolving even the most challenging problems. Apparently, complex issues become dead simple. Remarkably, leaders accomplish much more while also experiencing a significant elevation in their level of satisfaction and quality of life.

Speaker: Vik Maraj (President at Unstoppable Conversations, Business Culture Transformation, Executive Performance)

Welcome to TEH CAMP MEETING 92! You will hear about this year’s main topic – Trust, from Šymon Kliman, co-founder of Nová Cvernovka, who is also responsible for this year’s conference program. It will be followed up by a speech by our new Managing Director Tiffany Fukuma, together with a few words from Irena Boljuncic from TEH Executive Committee. And at last, Paula Poštolková, program director of Nová Cvernovka will give you all the practical information and hints about the Camp Meeting in NC, so you could feel like home here.

Speakers: Šymon Kliman (co-founder of Nová Cvernovka), Tiffany Fukuma (Managing Director TEH), Irena Boljuncic (TEH), Paula Poštolková (Nová Cvernovka)

This is a closed session for the Spaces of Transformation in Arts Education (SPOTing) consortium. SPOTing is led by TEH and co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. The project consists of a consortium with 8 TEH members from Sweden, Italy, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Slovakia, France and Austria + TEH. Many of TEH’s members conduct cultural educational activities of various kinds, and the purpose of the project is to stimulate professional development and knowledge transfer between the cultural educators. The goal is to strengthen the participation of cultural educators in their profession and to critically reflect on methods and working methods for developing and strengthening cultural pedagogy as a field internationally. The project consists of annual seminars and test beds that are carried out at each cultural centre. A researcher will follow the project and the results will be presented in the form of a case studies.

Don’t worry, you won’t be hungry with us. Our local bistro Dvanásť Duší will take care of everything, whose team cooks special delicacies from local ingredients!
Drinks will be provided by Skrytý bar and sweet doping by Giraffe Bakery.

Don’t worry, you won’t be hungry with us. Our local bistro Dvanásť Duší, whose team cooks special delicacies from local ingredients, will take care of everything!
Drinks will be provided by Skrytý bar and sweet doping by Giraffe Bakery.

How a crew of inexperienced guys needed to gain trust of the community, politicians, banks, neighbors… Or as one smart person said: it’s a story of a unicorn that rides a bike and has no idea how the engine works.

Speakers: Branislav Čavoj & Boris Meluš (Co-founders of Nová Cvernovka)

Political situation in Belarus is getting more severe every day. International cultural organizations are banished from the country, while independent cultural actors are being repressed, unlawfully imprisoned, humiliated, left without their venues. In such a situation, Trans Europe Halles cannot stand aside. We are inviting you to map ways and tools we can use to support Belarusian artists and cultural workers in exile and those who are still working in their country. Let’s think of what we can do together and show the best spirit of the Trans Europe Halles network in reacting to today’s problems.

Sustainability topics have been deeply woven in the fabric of all TEH members since the very beginning.
The unsustainable nature of human development and the exploitation of natural resources and human capital has led to the current overall crises, like COVID that has impacted us all like nothing before. Everybody has their unique perspective on sustainability, but if we want to recover and develop we need to find common ground, work together for solutions and move them to the top of every agenda.
So, how can we benefit from and shape current initiatives like the New European Bauhaus for this purpose? Is the European Green Deal inclusive of culture? The cultural sector, we believe, should have a leadership role in this recovery. In order to build this momentum we want to start a sustainability hub to launch a movement full of expertise, creativity and courage, moving towards a brighter future. It is all about building trust in arts and culture, as an accelerator of sustainable change.
Therefore we invite you to attend short introductions about past efforts and actual projects, as well as an open round to discuss how to go on together.

During COVID19, culture was our lung, wasn’t it? It is arts and culture that connected us (even digitally) to each other and kept us sane! But, there is not even one Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) dedicated to culture! This has to change! And it has to change now. Join us in this online interactive workshop with Jordi Pascual and to understand which of the 17 SDGs are connected to your work, which are the most significant for your work and why!

Speakers: Jordi Pascual (Coordinator of the committee on Culture of UCLG), Marta Llobet (Consultor for the committee on Culture of UCLG)

This workshop is conceived and designed as a space for personal and group research on the topic of our own fears that prevent us from believing first of all in our potentials and just then in the intentions of the people around us. Through a series of dramatic exercises, games and improvisations, we will spontaneously and easily enter a zone outside of what is comfortable and safe and step into the field of the unknown, the other and the different. We will explore ways and strategies to develop trust in others. We will also try to discover the core of our vulnerability and understand how to remain open to it without fear, believing that we are capable of surviving in a good spirit. The workshop will contain a series of exercises that will include work on personal material, cooperation in pairs and groups, expression through movement, sound, speech, emotions. 
Be sure to come in a comfortable wardrobe.

Speaker: Aleksandra Jelić

Tomáš Sloboda is a musician, composer, music producer and leader of the band Le Payaco. He has been performing as a DJ selector under the name God Save The Vinyl for almost a decade. His musical selection, played only with the original vinyl records of his private collection, is very diverse in genre: blues, rock’n’roll, reggae, rock, punk, new wave, funk, grunge, indie rock or brit pop. The main goal is to entertain, pleasantly surprise and bring a relaxed, pleasant to home atmosphere among the people, which can sometimes turn into a wild party.