This DISCE Co-creation Lab will examine public space, both conceptual and physical, and its importance in providing citizens with an accessible and safe place where they can explore their ideas, concepts, creativity and ambitions. Creating such public space is an opportunity to engage people in investing and building a shared future in ways that enable societal development through collective empowerment and responsibility. This concept of public space can include cultural centres, city planning, individual and community development and inclusive practices. For it to work there needs to be trust and positive relationships between all potential stakeholders: decision and policy makers, initiators and users. The proposition is that in these times, working together for a shared outcome is the only way to address the major challenges humanity is facing.

Speakers: Jonathan Gross (Keynote, UK), Mišo Hudák (East Coast, SK), Francesco Campagnari (University of Venice, IT), Representative of Nová Cvernovka SK…

We invite you to a concert in the neighboring cultural center A4 – Space for Contemporary Culture in the center of Bratislava!
Admission free for participants of the TEH Camp meeting – registration required.

Welcome everyone! You must all be hungry on the way to us, but don’t worry. Our local bistro Dvanásť Duší will take care of everything, whose team cooks special delicacies from local ingredients!
Drinks are provided by Skrytý bar and sweet doping by Giraffe bakery.